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Veterinary advice for your new kitten


Your kitten will be vaccinated against Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia. The first vaccine can be given at nine weeks of age and a second injection at twelve weeks. Your kitten will not be fully immunised until one week after the second injection, and should not go outside or mix with other cats until this time. See our Kitten Vaccination Package here. 


You will have been prescribed Milbemax worming treatment for your kitten. You should worm your kitten monthly with Advocate, plus give a Milbemax tablet at least every 6 months.  


Always feed your kitten a good quality diet. At the Bearsted Veterinary Surgery we recommend feeding Hills vet essentials Kitten Food. 


Microchipping is a simple, permanent way of identifying your pet. This can be done at any time. We can use a new "mini chip" in young kittens which is much smaller than a standard microchip.


 We recommend that you neuter your kitten from 4 months of age. 


You will need to treat your kitten for fleas all year round. At the Bearsted Veterinary Surgery we recommend using Advocate. 


We recommend that you have insurance for your kitten. If your kitten is under a year old, then we can offer you a “no obligation” four weeks free insurance with PETPLAN.

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