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Obesity is now one of the biggest pet disease categories in the world!

The food your pet eats plays an important part in his or her overall health and well-being. Eating too much food combined with lack of exercise, will cause your pet to become overweight, and this increases the risk of conditions such as:

• Arthritis

• Diabetes

• Heart Disease

• Breathing problems

Compared to healthy weight pets, overweight and obese pets are at an increased risk of serious diseases for example:

• Overweight cats are 49% more affected by Urinary disease and 27% more affected by Arthritis.

• Overweight dogs are 68% more affected by Athritis, 48% more affected by Diabetes Mellitus and 51% more affected by Cancer.

If your pet is over weight to may notice some of the following signs: • The ribs cannot be easily be felt

• Loss of an obvious waist

• Collar needs loosening

• Difficulty in walking/exercise intolerance

• Slow movement

• Shortness of breath

• Bad Temper

• Sleeping more than usual

Did you know that feeding a 10kg dog just one biscuit is equivalent in calories to a human eating 1 burger, Giving 1 glass of milk to a 5kg cat is the equivalent in calories to a human eating 6 large muffins.

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